We encourage all students to come with as many of the tools from the list as possible on day one.  Certainly if you possess any of the tools already, bring them or if you are given "hand-me-downs" from anyone they are certainly welcome and useful too, as we can breath new life into them. 

Due to supply chain issues at times some log building specific tools are not always in stock or on-the-shelf at the local companies so you may have to order in advance.

Please discuss with us and we would be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Chainsaw and Accessories

·       Chainsaw (50-60cc’s) (Pro type models are much better suited for the demands and rigors of log building, a pro type model will be more efficient for the new learner)

·       Fuel  Container 

·       Oil Mix for Gas (50:1) as per Manufacturer's Specifications

·       Chain Bar Oil

·       Chain Sharpening  File Kit

·       Spare Spark Plug

·       2 x Bars with Chisel Chain

  • 12-14” (Short) Bar, and
  • 16-18” (Long) Bar

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

·       Hard Hat (CSA Approved)

·       Eye Protection

·       Hearing Protection

·       Leather Work Gloves

·       Chainsaw Leg Protection Pants/chaps

·       Steel Toed Safety Boots

·       Sun Screen

Scribing Equipment

·       Scriber with Indelible pencil or ink

·       Spray Bottle

·       Scoring Knife

Log Building Specific Tools

·       Scoop Adze

·       Saddle Notch Gouge Chisel

·       1 ½” or 2” Framing Chisel

·       Wooden Mallet

·       2-3lb Hammer

Log Building Specific Tool Vendors, (Order early as stock may be limited) We have ordered many tools and items from all these suppliers in our past, all solid companies!

Lee Valley Tools (Local Canadian Company, ships worldwide, Makers of VERITAS (scribers...Tools) MAGARD Ventures Ltd (Canadian Company, great service and selection, ship worldwide)  SCHROEDER Log Home Supply Ltd. (Minnesota, USA Company great selection and service, always friendly on the phone and willing to help) Baileys Outdoors (California Company, Lots of outdoor products for the forester and builder, may not have the chisels or scribers, but many of the other tools)
















General Carpentry Tools

·       2’ Spirit Level

·       2’ Carpenter Square

·       Steel Speed Square

·       20’-40’ Measuring Tape

·       Chalk Line with Chalk

·       Paint Scraper (Large)

·       Tool Belt with pouch

·       Tool box

·       Indelible Pencils

Optional for course as we have sufficient quantities to share, but if you wish to bring your own you are encouraged to.

·       Peeling  Equipment

·       Peeling Spud

·       Draw Knife

·       Handling & set Up Equipment

·       Cant Hook

·       Log Dogs x 2

·       Rolling Dogs x 2

·       Log Cleats x 2