Are you a registered Private Career College?

  • No, as per the Province of Ontario Private Careers College Act, 2005 we are exempt from registration as a Private Career College as per opinion letter from Ontario Ministry of Colleges & Universities (MTCU) Private Career Colleges Branch dated 10 Jan 2007, as we offer the courses as a single skill in that we offer some of the skills (scribing, layout, measuring, chainsaw cutting techniques) in building a log home, however , there are many skills and knowledge to become a carpenter, and for some people the course is used for personal skill or as a hobby .
  • For more information on exempt Private Career Colleges and your rights as a student please review this Fact Sheet offered by the Province of Ontario MTCU. At this link http://www.tcu.gov.on.ca/pepg/audiences/pcc/factsheet1.pdf

Do you issue a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) T2022a forms for tuition?

  • No, as a Non Registered exempt Private Career College, we do not issue CRA T2022a's,
  • We are however registered with the Government of Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and the Province of Ontario Ministry of Revenue and do issue sales Receipts for the courses and services offered.

What other costs are there for the courses?


  1. Please check with Ray Thompson at www.blackrockpark.ca for current log building students shared pricings,
    1. Special Note;
      1. Many local area campgrounds and cottage do not open til mid May (Victoria Day weekend) and close in Mid October (Thanksgiving Day Weekend), however special arrangements have been made on behalf of log building students for this specific campground to open early (Mid April, and close later ( Mid November) to accommodate the course dates.
  2. or other local locations can be used and can be researched at: http://lanarkcountytourism.com/directory-listings/?uid=CA1688C8-D995-452D-90B2-741C3349773D


  • Approximately tools cost about $2,000.00 CAD if you require everything from tool list. You are encouraged to bring & use your own tools, Personal Protective Equipment and not to duplicate tools.


  • Is at your discretion, but we suggest to budget about $100.00 a week if you are staying at the cottages or at a campground.

Textbooks, or other learning material:

  • Nil, no other material is required, handouts are provided, the International Log Builders Association (ILBA) Effective Practices & Methods (EP&M) manual is provided for references.

What does the school teach or instruct?

  • We instruct how to safely and efficiently build log homes, using the most effective techniques, We build log homes using a blend of traditional and contempory techniques.

Where is the Log Building School located?

  • Please refer to the map below.

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