A Pat Wolfe Log Building Course is designed to expand knowledge - both of log building techniques and tools, their correct use and maintenance. It is a hands on course. Practicality is stressed from the outset. All students become familiar with the basic notches of the European chinkless style of logbuilding.

A log building course is a confidence builder. Course curriculum is geared to the progress and maturing skills of the students. Pat shares his own building experiences with the students and teaches all aspects of building with wood and its application in a log structure. Courses cover safety, trees and logging, foundations, sill systems, log walls, windows and doors, log shrinkage, plates and roof systems. On a one week course, the student will gain enough knowledge on the theory and language of log building to supervise a contractor in building his or her own home.

During the extended course, these topics are covered in greater detail and students become involved in building a log structure. This develops confidence, skill and expertise in handling the tools and working with the logs. Extended course students participate in a field trip to visit log builders and log buildings in the area.

Half of the professional log builders in Ontario have been students here and the majority of students who have taken the extended course are involved in log building. Many students undergo a change of life style as a result of the course which reflects the independence and confidence gained from this intensive and practical learning experience.